Northridge 20 Summary Report Released


The Steering Committee of the Northridge 20 Symposium, held in Los Angeles on January 16-17, 2014, has released a summary report on proceedings, findings, and preliminary recommendations from the event.

Read the Northridge 20 Summary Report (5.7 MB PDF)

On the twentieth anniversary of the 1994 Northridge earthquake, more than 600 people gathered in Los Angeles to share the impacts, highlight accomplishments of the past two decades, and identify necessary steps forward to make our communities more resilient to future earthquakes. The Northridge 20 Symposium drew participants from a broad range of disciplines, including earth scientists, structural engineers, risk modelers, emergency managers, and public officials.

The summary report presents findings and preliminary recommendations from the symposium for next steps that can be taken in each of 11 key areas to improve earthquake resilience. By its nature, the report is not necessarily comprehensive in identifying all actions that should be taken, and the report does not attempt to prioritize the recommendations presented, or to identify interdependencies between the various action items.

Over the next year additional efforts will be undertaken to review, augment, refine, and prioritize critical actions that are needed to achieve greater seismic resilience. The end product of this effort will be a white paper with prioritized recommendations, and an action plan for implementing the necessary changes.

The Steering Committee invites you to participate in this process. Please use the form below to make suggestions or comments related to recommendations contained in the Northridge 20 Summary report. We encourage you to raise new issues or other recommendations to be considered, to sign up for information of upcoming workshops, or to volunteer yourself or your organization in other ways.

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